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Swimming Silicone - “recycle friendly” silicone

LMS responded to the increasing green focus in manufacturing,by developing a “recycle friendly” silicone, “Swimming Silicone™”. This innovative material is friendly to PET recycling methods. Swimming Silicone™ has revolutionized how silicone reacts in the PET recycling process. During the separation phase of the recycling process, both standard silicone and PET material sink and are unable to be separated causing contamination. To eliminate the contamination issue, Swimming Silicone™ floats on the surface of recycle float tanks, keeping the silicone away from the recyclable PET.

It is used in a variety of applications, including bottles, packaging, carpet, padding and clothes. This material was co-developed with Dow Corning, and LMS has exclusive rights to this material for packaging valves.