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CannuSeal® System

Read about CannuSeal® for medical access procedures.

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LMS has developed several products over the years that effectively seal against connectors, probes, and cannula in applications ranging from foodservice package connections, to medical access procedures. Our engineers can design an effective system whenever there is a fluid connection or instrument insertion.


The SimpliSeal® is a self closing valve for connector applications, primarily used in commercial applications. This technology replaces traditional ball and spring systems, thus reducing part count and costs. Easily interfacing with your equipment, the SimpliSeal® is an ideal solution for pouch and bulk packaging.

Learn more about our SimpliSeal® System here.


The patent pending design features of the CannuSeal® System allow LMS to bring enhanced performance in applications that require effective sealing against cannula, endoscopes, and other instruments during insertion/withdrawal access procedures.

Learn more about our CannuSeal® System for medical devices here.

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