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Flow‐Control Valves

LMS has over 25 years of experience in designing elastomeric based flow-control valves. We’ve designed and commercialized everything from duckbill valves to umbrella valves. Our expertise and experience led us to our revolutionary valve design, SureFlo®, which has proven successful in a wide range of applications.

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These versatile, one-piece bidirectional or one-way valves are easily interfaced with plastic components, making it ideal for applications that require effective and precise flow control.

With over 1000 different configurations developed, the patented SureFlo® and MediFlo® valves handle a wide range of product viscosities and can regulate liquids, gases, powders and gels. SureFlo® & MediFlo® open and close with a pressure or vacuum between 0.25 to 25+ psi and temperatures ranging from -50°F to 400°F with consistent performance. We have the widest range of valve sizes, slit options and variations globally.

SureFlo® and MediFlo® are designed and provided to you as custom plastic valve-assemblies and fitments to meet your specific flow control needs. This total-solutions approach offers you a competitive advantage and the best pricing possible.

This technology has been used to solve common industry issues including:

  • Static leaking of product
  • Crusty build up, or “caking” of product at the dispensing orifice
  • Inconsistent dispense‐stream direction
  • Poor product cutoff

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MediFlo® Valve solutions for Medical Device applications

SureFlo® Valve solutions for consumer and commercial applications