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The “Duckbill KillerTM”…
Developed for medical devices and medical-specific applications, LMS's patented MediFlo® valve is the best choice for precise dimensional accuracy and close flow-control tolerances. Capable of regulating flow of liquids, gases, or powders at controlled dosages, MediFlo® is ideally suited for medical applications that require effective bidirectional or one-way flow control.

Advantages of the uniquely designed MediFlo® valve assemblies include a virtually infinite life cycle, the ability to withstand ethylene oxide (EtO), gamma, and steam autoclave sterilization processes, and the assurance of using medical grade silicones and other elastomers.

With thousands of designs developed and tested over the years, The MediFlo® valve opens and closes with a pressure or vacuum between 0.25 to 25+ psi and temperatures ranging from -50°F to 400°F with consistent performance. Unlike duckbill valves that tend to leak in low pressure applications, the MediFlo® valve is ideal for applications in almost any pressure or flow-rate range.

LMS has clean-room capabilities and can engineer custom designs for medical applications. All MediFlo® valves are sold preassembled into fitments, cartridges, or multi-part assemblies that will easily integrate into your device.

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