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A Solutions Approach To Your Flow Control Needs

LMS is successful in meeting the ever-changing needs of our Medical Device customers. From concept to commercialization, our in-house services include design, model-making, prototyping, mold construction, a proprietary molding process, and expertise in integrating elastomers and plastic components. Our solutions approach and proprietary system are specifically designed to produce precise, high-quality components at a much lower cost - a competitive advantage for LMS and our customers.

Expertise in applications including:



Eliminate pressure and fluid loss at access and connection sites • Accepts range of cannula/instrument sizes and types • Patented guide and seal designs • Designs to reduce insertion force
Application Example: Access-port assembly inside an endoscopic suturing system to prevent backflow of fluids.



Controlled dispensing for dosing accuracy • Leak/drip free • Clean product cutoff • Liquids, powders and gels
Application Example: Valve assembly used to administer a blood coagulant powder into deep wounds during surgery.



Control flow of your liquid or gas • The “Duckbill Killer” • One-way or bidirectional designs • Optimized opening pressures and flow rates
Application Example: One-way check valve to administer lubrication into a colonoscopy device.



Pressure relief and venting when you need it • Low to high pressures • Self-actuated • Customized to meet your requirements
Application Example: Audible vent valve to relieve pressure and create audible alarm when active.