Sealing and connector products for bulk packaging.

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LMS’s Foodservice Position

We are a value-added supplier that solves problems in both dispensing and connect/disconnect applications for foodservice packaging and equipment.

Over the years, LMS has developed innovative products for the foodservice market in many different applications, including liquid food and beverage dispensing, flow-control valves within beverage equipment, connector seals for bag packaging, and direct-from-package dispensing fitments.

Products for Foodservice

LMS’s Foodservice Market goal is to enhance the experience, for both operators and customers, at foodservice establishments. That’s why we’ve successfully developed products for food and beverage categories like:

  • Condiments – to improve dispense control and user-friendliness from squeeze bottles and pumps
  • Beverages – to allow faster and cleaner connect/disconnect of product bags to equipment
  • Cheese – to eliminate static leaking issues from heated countertop units

Our products combine elastomer and plastic materials and designs, and typically result in two- to five-piece fitments depending on the application. Our primary brands include stock SureSnap® Valves, custom SureFlo® fitments, and SimpliSeal®.


The SureSnap® Valve

Stock flow-control valves for dispensing applications


SureFlo® Valve Fitments

Our revolutionary bi-directional and one way valve design that delivers effective flow control in custom and unique applications.



A new and effective way to connect your packages to dispenser equipment