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The LMS Advantage

Global Leadership • Reliable Accuracy • Exceptional Results

As the world’s largest producer of elastomeric valves, with over 13 billion valves and assemblies sold, LMS offers its customers advantages in:

Cost Savings Yielding a Competitive Advantage

Proprietary technology, expertise, efficiency, and close proximity to our primary raw material supplier allow us to keep costs down. And with infinite-life, virtually maintenance-free tooling, our proprietary tools are less costly than traditional molds.

Fast, Flexible, and Reliable

With cycle times 25–40% faster than traditional silicone molding, LMS can shorten lead times, create more parts-per-hour, and reduce inventory levels. Because of our in-house capabilities, tools typically take 50% less time to build than conventional silicone molds; we can provide prototypes in a matter of days and accelerate production schedules to meet critical delivery dates. Within the past 10 years, LMS has had a distinguished record of 7 years of 100% on-time performance!

Precision Performance

LMS’s engineering department custom-designs products using CAD technology. Using a fully integrated CAD/CAM system and modern machining equipment, LMS’s in-house mold shop can hold steel dimensions to ±0.0001 inches, producing high-precision prototype and production molds.

Quality Assurance

LMS’s employees are dedicated, talented, and trained professionals who genuinely care about their work and products. Our quality department uses real-time SPC monitoring and state-of-the-art optical inspection equipment, along with a battery of laboratory inspections, to ensure each part meets or exceeds expectations. Our track record of zero returns for over a decade speaks to our unmatched dedication to quality.

LMS is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified and FDA 21 CFR Part 820.

Superior Material

Why choose a Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) assembly? Silicone rubber is ideal for applications requiring a high resistance to UV, weathering, aging, and temperature extremes (from -50°F to 400°F), while maintaining excellent memory and a natural clarity. With outstanding elasticity (300%), chemical resistance, electrical insulating properties, high tear and tensile strength, silicone is an exceptional material for intricate parts and flow control components. LMS also provides other elastomeric materials for special applications in which silicone is not appropriate.

Contact us to learn more about material offerings, or visit our product tech sheets page for specifications.

Expertise at Every Level

Our in-house services include design, prototype and production mold construction, a proprietary manufacturing process, expertise in integrating elastomers and plastic components, continuous R&D, and responsive technical services and customer support.

Experienced Design Engineers

LMS’s custom products department has over 25 years of experience in LIM molding. Working with designers and engineers around the world, we can select from thousands of product configurations and component parts, or assist in the development of a custom design — whether your needs are for a one-piece silicone component or a complete plastic subassembly.

We utilize Pro/Engineer, and FEA software to develop high quality parts and assemblies. Our engineers frequently design complete assemblies that include silicone elastomers and thermoplastic components. Design proposals offer our customers new approaches to solve their engineering and design problems or provide innovative ideas for new products.

Advanced Modeling, Prototype and Production Mold Construction

The LMS prototype and model shop utilizes a fully integrated CAD/CAM system and modern equipment to provide our customers with prototypes to meet their most challenging requirements.

Prototype options include machined or fabricated, molded, SLA, or complete multi-piece assemblies. The key benefit is that prototypes are built with materials used in final production. Our molds hold steel dimensions within .0001, typically cost 20–40% less, and over 90% of our molds are built in-house.