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Aptar Food & Beverage Launches Recycle-Friendly Swimming Silicone® Valve

Aptar Food + Beverage is pleased to announce the introduction of the Swimming Silicone® valve to the food and beverage markets.

The FDA approved, recycle-friendly valve features an active ingredient that gives the valve a different density from PET, allowing it to float as PET sinks in recycling tanks. The ability to easily separate silicone from PET is a welcome advancement in valve technology that has simplified and streamlined the PET recycling process.

"The launch of this revolutionary valve supports Aptar’s commitment to drive environmentally sustainable solutions for the global food and beverage markets,” said Eric Ruskoski, President Aptar Food + Beverage.

The Swimming Silicone® valve delivers the same proven performance as Aptar’s standard SimpliSqueeze® and SimpliDrink valved closures, which have enjoyed long-standing commercial viability worldwide. Aptar’s full line of silicone valves deliver the highest level of performance and ultimate convenience, by providing superior flow control and a no-mess dispensing system.

Aptar Food + Beverage is part of the Aptargroup family of companies, along with Aptar Beauty + Home and Aptar Pharma. Aptargroup (NYSE: ATR) is headquartered in the U.S. with facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. For more information, visit www.aptar.com.