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Astronauts test new spill-proof beverage dispenser. (Editors' Choice)

NASA sent a new beverage package into space with its astronauts last December.

Highly engineered, the product's spill-proof design is available and can be used for a variety of consumer drinks, like isotonics for bike riders or juices for young children.

An existing LMS silicone valve design--SureFlo®--was customized to meet required opening and closing pressure for use in outer space. This silicone valve is the same technology that's incorporated into the SimpliSqueeze® dispensing closures by an LMS sister company, Seaquist Closures. The package requires the user to bite down on a bite valve and suck to drink the liquid. If the bite valve is inadvertently actuated, the silicone valve will prevent the liquid from exiting.

The package's configuration was designed to be astronaut friendly, so it's easy to use and does not leak from inside the astronaut's pressurized suit.

Source: Food & Drug Packaging