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New LMS Seal system takes aim at leaks, pressure loss

MIDLAND, Mich. – Silicone valve manufacturer LMS Inc. has responded to customer requests for a better sealing system by developing a new solution for a variety of medical applications.

LMS’s CannuSeal® system was designed to securely seal against cannula, trocars, introducers and other medical instruments during insertion and withdrawal procedures. Using two of the company’s MediFlo® elastomeric valves, the system prevents fluid and pressure loss when a cannula or tube passes through it.

The CannuSeal® system also can be used for multiple insertions and withdrawals while continuing to prevent pressure loss, the company said.

In recent years, customers had approached Midland-based LMS asking for improvements in the sealing features because of leaking and pressure loss in various connectors and docking areas within medical devices, said Justin Sessink, the company’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

The manufacturer used its expertise to develop a system that fixes functional problems and adds value to the application, he said. The system – which is begin unveiled at the Medical Design & Manufacturing East show in New York the week of June 9-11 – will be developed and the elastomeric components manufactured at the Midland site.

The thermoplastic components will be molded either internally or outsourced, Sessink said.

The elastomeric valves play an important role in the system, but the design of the plastic component is vital as well in allowing the valves to seal securely with the least amount of resistance during medical procedures, he said.

CannuSeal® systems will be tailored to each customer’s needs, he said, and LMS engineers will work with them to enhance their unique applications.

The technology fits well with LMS’s strategy of providing value added valve and sealing assemblies to its customers within the medical device arena, Sessink said. The firm’s medical device market business is its fastest growing, climbing at a double digit rate.

LMS’s Class 10,000 clean room area is available for manufacturing those parts as well when the customer requires it, he said. Expansion into systems such as CannuSeal® have prompted the company to add three to four machines and double the size of its clean room, a project that will be completed by the end of 2009.

“As our success in the medical market continues to increase, this new system is one more innovative solution we’ve developed to help meet our customers’ challenges” he said.

The firm, which employs about 200, added an electric plastics injection molding machine to boost its thermoplastic-including elastomers-components business earlier this year.

In addition to the medical device sector, the primary markets for LMS – founded in 1985 – include consumer and commercial applications, Sessink said.

By Brad Dawson - June 1, 2009 | RUBBER & PLASTICS NEWS